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About Us

Clouds of white smoke rise into the dark sky from outdoor grills. The night air is sweet-smelling with the fragrances of dozens of cuisines from around the world as gourmet chefs stir noodles and toss oriental vegetables.

To the world Buddhism, that spread across the world between 500s B.C – A.D. 600s, started from India and further travelled to Asian countries, is a practice synonymous with goodwill, positivity and enriching experiences. Traditional Pan Asian food is not all about spices and heavy condiments; Asia has a longstanding tradition of temple food, which takes its Oriental cuisine to another level. As the culmination of Buddhist philosophy and outlook, temple cuisine conveys its messages through its varied combinations of fresh produce with herbs.

What if we told you that we can now deliver curated enriching experiences to your doorstep?
Introducing, Buddha Bowl, a unique take-out establishment that combines quality ingredients with traditional recipes from across the continent to provide you with a gourmet experience at your doorstep. We use organic and choicest ingredients offering an array of well- balanced meals. The menu caters to the modern Indian palate, comprising a wide variety of salad bowls and curries from across Asia. At Buddha Bowl, the cooking is based on the two pillars of simplicity and harmony. Nutritional balance is fundamental to the preparation of the dishes. Each of these are prepared by maintaining the delicate balance of hues and flavours, such that each meal must have a balance of 5 different hues and flavours.
In continuation to our endeavour, we serve in containers that are BPA free. They are also microwave , dishwasher and freezer safe.

The signature wholesome bowls include:

  • Pho, a much-loved Vietnamese flavourful broth simmered to perfection with rice noodles, spring vegetables and tender roasted chicken or soya chunks served with a soft boiled egg.
  • Som Tam, comprising of fresh raw papaya salad served with shredded chicken or paneer, tasty stir-fried wheat noodles dressed with our delicious sweet and sour sauce and sprinkled with crunchy sesame seeds.
  • Bong Chong, which includes grilled chicken strips or potato wedges seasoned in our spicy and tangy bong chong recipe nestled alongside farm fresh vegetables with a healthy serving of quinoa pilaf.